We Help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Business To 6 & 7-Figures Using Paid Traffic

Our Philosophy

Flow Media is an online marketing agency that focuses on helping businesses go to 6 and 7-figures by acquiring new leads and customers with Facebook & Instagram advertisements. 

We’re a byproduct of the ‘old age’ marketing agency offerings. Most agencies are slow, unorganised & use logic rather than field tested concepts. Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee! On-Boarding takes 90-minutes with us & there’s no fee so we can get our ads up and running as quick as possible. We’re quick, we’re nibble & we don’t like to waste time. We are always testing new Facebook strategies in order to take this platform to the edge of it’s capabilities. Maximizing profits, scaling aggressively, staying congruent to brand & image. 

It doesn’t stop there, we understand that there is no point in pouring water into a bucket with an empty hole. That’s why we always start with the sales process. Whether it’s an E-commerce business or a training company, we take a look at what your sales & indoctrination process looks like and we start there. Plug the leaky holes, then drive highly qualified leads.

We know a lot of business owners have been stung by agencies before, we emphatise. So, we implore you to book in a discovery call with us & see why we’re taking the entire agency space by storm.
Yentl, the founder and owner of Flow Media aims at building positive client relationships in order to bring unexpected results by using proper focus and communication. Flow Media is a next generation social media marketing agency run by millennials with a deep rooted understanding of the platforms they market with.


It has been very disheartening to see how much money business owners are leaving on the table by not using online marketing. 

We have been head down learning from the best of the best on how to get more customers/leads for business owners. In this new age of information & communication Social Media is where everyone is at. We’ll make sure everyone hears about you by targeting the right message to the right audience set. Over the course of 90 days we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days you’ll have your ads running. If we decide to work with you, it’s only because we genuinely believe it’s going to be a home run.

Facebook Advertisements

We help bringing in new leads through Facebook Advertisements

Instagram Advertisements

We help bringing in new leads through Instagram Advertisements

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